Paragon, an epic’s long-dead MOBA, is being brought back

The former MOBA is being reincarnated as Paragon: The Overprime, as discovered by PC Gamer. A free-to-play action MOBA is being created by South Korean company Netmarble, PtO.

“Paragon: The Overprime is a free-to-play third-person shooter action massively multiplayer online battle arena. To win the battles in Prime, you and your squad must select one of the many formidable heroes, each with their own set of abilities. According to the game’s description on the Epic Game Store, “speed across the battlefield with the heroes of Prime and feel the excitement of the combat.”

We don’t know how long the game will be in early access, but it’s coming shortly.

Released in March of 2016, Paragon was a third-person multiplayer online battle arena game for PC and PlayStation 4. Open beta began in 2016, after its first release as a for-fee early access game.

However, before a complete release could occur, the game was shut down and the team’s focus shifted to Fortnite, which was rapidly becoming the most popular game in the world.

After Epic’s decision to end support for Paragon, the majority of the game’s assets became available to the public without charge and were subsequently used in a number of other games.

In October, Netmarble received permission from Epic Games to utilize all Paragon assets in creating Overprime. This grants the firm the right to utilize all Intellectual Property, including the Paragon trademark, in relation to the undertaking.

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