Football Manager 2023’s PS5 version has suffered a last-minute delay

Less than a week before it was supposed to launch, Sega postponed the release of Football Manager 2023 for the PlayStation 5.

The publisher of the game stated in a press statement that the delay was “caused by unforeseen difficulties that have emerged during the submissions and approvals process.”

The business is canceling pre-orders placed through the PlayStation Store and will be refunding customers, even though it still intends to release the game for PS5 as soon as feasible.

Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson expressed his company’s devastation at the situation, which they had been trying to rectify with their partners for several weeks.

“Deciding to delay was particularly challenging because it means delaying a fantastic game that many bright SI employees have been working very hard on for a long period.

“We will keep doing everything we can to get this game into PS5 gamers’ hands as soon as we can,” the company said.

The long-running franchise was expected to make its PlayStation home platform debut with the release of the PS5 version (the series previously appeared on PSP and Vita).
Games for Football Manager 2023 are still expected to launch on November 8 for PC/Mac, Xbox, and mobile devices.

Newly licensed competitions such the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League will be included in this year’s version.


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