A Plague Tale: Requiem, the Rat-Infested Sequel, Has Exceeded 1 Million Players in Just One Week

Perhaps 30 frames per second isn’t insurmountable.

After A Plague Tale: Requiem’s debut last week, the publisher Focus Entertainment said that the rat-filled adventure had amassed more than one million players in the days afterwards, and they published a trailer full with acclaim to drum up excitement.

The residents of Push Square probably aren’t too surprised by this, because they overwhelmingly agreed with the 8/10 score we gave the game in our review. We were concerned for a while because of the hubbub surrounding the game’s 30fps framerate limiter on PS5, however it appears that this limitation was not an absolute show-stopper. Asobo, the game’s developer, has previously stated that they have no plans to create a sequel, but we wonder if the launch success of Requiem will change their minds.

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