Kill Every Last Person! Apart from the PS4, the standalone downloadable content Clone Carnage is now free to play

Kill Every Last Person! The multiplayer spinoff Clone Carnage is now available for free on Xbox One and PC, as well as pretty much everywhere else except for the PlayStation 4, where it is oddly priced at $0.02 / £0.20 / €0.25.

That’s a significant discount from the original release date of May 31 price of $12.99/€12.99/£9.99, but it’s also a little puzzling. In order to play this game online, you will require PlayStation Plus; therefore, you should probably add that cost to your total.

There’s still the unanswered matter of why the PS4 version of Clone Carnage costs money to play. The legality of distributing ‘Mature’ classified video games as freebies varies from country to country, but the inclusion of every country on this list has us baffled.

Clone Carnage appears to be some wild fun, and the price is right. Are you considering giving this one a try? Float down to the comments section below by a transporter beam.