Takeover Mode in Need for Speed Unbound Is All About Driving Stylishly

As of right now, Need for Speed Unbound is still about a month away, and what we’ve seen so far is quite encouraging. Recently, a new gameplay trailer appeared, this one highlighting the new mode Takeover.

The goal of these replayable competitions is to score points by driving stylishly. Think of it as being somewhat like to gymkhana in the DiRT games (RIP), where you increase your multiplier and score by combining drifts, jumps, smashing various objects, and more. According to the trailer, you can train for the events throughout the day and then participate at night. Of course, this will be in addition to all the fantastic street racing the franchise is known for.

This option makes sense to have because it complements Unbound’s street art-inspired style. How do you feel about the Takeover mode? Are you anticipating the game? Comment a doughnut in the space provided below.