Battle, tame, and gather spirits on the lovely Moonstone Island, modeled after Minish Cap

The magnificent Minish-Cap-meets-Stardew-Valley deckbuilder Moonstone Island has received a brand-new trailer from developer Raw Fury, and it highlights one of the game’s core aspects that distinguishes it from other farming simulators and deckbuilders: spirit taming!

What is your spirit animal, then? A cat? a turtle? How about a fish bowl with legs or a sentient cup of coffee? As you explore the 100 islands you can visit in the game, you should expect to encounter odd spirits like these. Each island has a corresponding element, and ghosts of that element will reside there. You can engage in combat with them to drive them off the island, or, if you like the way they look, you can entice them to join you by giving them the crops you’ve laboriously grown.

(Full disclosure: Moonstone Island was written in part by Nintendo Life staff writer Kate Gray. Since joining the project, she hasn’t been involved in our reporting, and we won’t be evaluating the game.)

Spirits are reportedly fantastic for assisting in the production of rare goods that you may use to make products or for general exploration, assisting in the discovery of undiscovered resources, and even assisting in the improvement of your fishing odds. Most importantly, though, is that they’re all cute. Yes, even the beach ball with glasses and the pail of sand.

In 2023, Moonstone Island will make its way to Switch.