HAL Laboratory, the developer behind the beloved Kirby franchise, is currently seeking talented individuals to join their team for exciting new projects

Hal Laboratory is known for their consistent stream of new releases featuring the lovable character Kirby. With that in mind, what can we expect from them in 2024? Speculations abound as the company, always forward-thinking, seems to be gearing up for its next major undertaking after Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Although no official confirmation has been made, there are indications that they may already be in the process of recruiting talent for this exciting new venture.

According to Twisted Voxel, HAL is currently seeking individuals for various positions such as action programmer, UI programmer, graphics programmer, system programmer, sound programmer, 3D character artist, 3D animator, effects artist, UI artist, level design and planning assistant, sound designer, and project manager. Wow, that’s quite a hefty amount!

Here is the message posted on HAL’s website regarding this recruitment drive (via a rough translation):

“In order to strengthen our project development capabilities, we are recruiting experienced game developers for the following positions. We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to participate in the development of Kirby games and who want to create interesting games with great attention to detail.”

HAL has also released Kirby’s Dream Buffet and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe in recent years. Kirby and the Forgotten Land received high praise upon its release in March 2022 for successfully modernizing the beloved character with a captivating 3D adventure.