Potential updates on the development of Metroid Prime 4 have recently come to light

It seems as though Retro Studios has taken quite a while to release Metroid Prime 4, with the original announcement made over six years ago. Could you please provide an update on the company’s latest recruitment drive? According to reports, the YouTube channel ‘SuperMetalDave64’ has come across some fresh details online regarding a potential collaboration involving Retro Studios and exciting insights into the playtesting of Metroid Prime 4.

The newest video from this channel provides insight into a recent collaboration with Next-Gen Dreams 3D, a highly acclaimed production studio known for their work with major companies such as Ubisoft and TakeTwo. They are experts in creating visually stunning trailers with a unique style. It previously collaborated on a Game Awards trailer for the TakeTwo title Judas. Retro Studios is also listed on the work profile of the head of Next-Gen, with a date of “September 2022” attached.

Another alleged discovery emerges from Edwin Atwell’s LinkedIn profile. Atwell, a game tester and quality assurance developer, asserts that he has spent the last 10 months immersed in a demo of Metroid Prime 4, utilizing the bug-tracking software Jira. In addition, this individual has played a crucial role in the successful release of several prominent Call of Duty games.

The YouTuber who discovered these findings suggests that there might be a potential reveal or announcement in the near future. However, it’s advisable not to get overly excited considering the lengthy wait we’ve already endured. Metroid Prime 4 is listed as ‘TBA’ on Nintendo’s official release schedule.