‘PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance’ is set to save the day on the Nintendo Switch this March. Get ready for an action-packed adventure with your favorite heroes

Outright Games and Hasbro have recently revealed that the beloved animated series PJ Masks is making a triumphant return to the Nintendo Switch with PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance, set to release on March 15th.

In the latest installment of the series, players will once again assume the roles of the heroic squad as they embark on a thrilling side-scrolling adventure. Their mission? To put an end to the nefarious schemes of Luna Girl, Night Ninja, and Romeo.

There are a total of eight playable characters available in this game, each equipped with their own set of unique skills that can be utilized to explore the game’s four distinct locations. It appears that the target audience for this game is slightly younger, although the platforming sequences showcased in the trailer might be challenging for the youngest fans.

If you’re curious about what the game has to offer and want to see some screenshots, be sure to check out the following from Outright Games:

  • Team Up: Join Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, An Yu, Newton Star, Ice Cub, Lilyfay, and Bastet.
  • Drive and Discover: Land, sky, or sea, the Explorider will get your Power Heroes there.
  • BE EXTRAORDINARY: Use unique abilities, collect gems, discover secrets, unlock hidden masks, and more.
  • FUN FOR EVERY HERO Accessible features include simple controls and easy interactions.