When Will Sony Unwrap the PS5, PS4, and PS Store’s Annual January Sale?

If you’ve been a PlayStation user for a while, you know how important the January Sale is. Since this is the main annual event, you may save your money all year and purchase 12 months’ worth of games. In light of this, we think that some of you may be wondering when the PS Store will receive this colossal influx of digital offers.

Surprisingly, Sony is keeping quiet about the offer, but it began last year on the Wednesday before Christmas. On December 21, the Wednesday before Christmas, a number of ongoing PS Store discounts, including the End of Year Deals, are set to end. As a result, we have a strong suspicion that the platform owner will start its January Sale on the specified date.

The exhibition included thousands of games the year before, including marquee PS5 exclusives. This year, we completely anticipate the same, so you might want to organize your wishlist over the next several days. The January Sale typically lasts from Christmas through New Year’s and continues to grow after the holiday break.

Are there any items you hope to purchase on sale throughout the holiday season? Keep reading the comments section below for the big one.