With the summer release of “Sailing Era,” you can set sail and ignore your inner landlubber

Sailing Era, a realistic sailing simulation, has been announced by publisher BiliBili and developer GY Games for the Switch eShop this summer. The game, which is already accessible on Steam, has you in charge of a sailing fleet for either leisure or a real enterprise. You can engage in pirate combat, run into prospective love interests in the neighborhood pub, and search the area for priceless treasure.

From the game’s Steam page, here is some further information:

Sailing Simulator: Brave the Stormy Seas!

A vast marine environment is created using a map at real-world scale and a highly accurate reconstruction of the ocean, land, monsoon currents, and weather variations. Deal with unexpected weather changes, erratic winds, lost wealth, pirate raids, and seductive peril. And take part in a unique and exciting ocean voyage.

Global Free Trade, Port Adventures!

There are about 200 distinct ports with fascinating local cultures to explore. In the ports, you can replenish, trade, collect commissions, hire sailors, invest, and carry out a variety of other activities. Even a squad for land exploration inland can be formed!
Prices change in response to the conditions at the ports, which leads to increased earnings. Encourage port growth through commerce and commissions to broaden the range of accessible goods, items, and luxury ships.

Recruit Adventurers to Build the Best Fleet!

Four different captains with various backgrounds will be your characters. There are over 30 exceptional people waiting to be hired, including British academics, renown pirates, Jewish businesspeople, and Japanese ronins. Make the most of them by using them appropriately.
Even heroes require dependable friends! Help them develop, discover new talents, and sharpen fundamental abilities so that they have a wider range of options for dealing with obstacles.

Create Your Own Ship and Take Part in Exciting Naval Battles!

Over ten famous historical ships have been meticulously rebuilt. Collect well-known ships like the Caravel and Galleon, or create your own own vessel.
Use the wind to create space during a naval combat, move your guns into position, and then unleash a hail of fire on your adversaries. Alternatively, do the opposite and take pleasure in the excitement of sword fighting.

Freely explore to gather treasure!

Historical ruins, submerged ships, and pirate loot There are many secrets on the great seas. Discover the unknown, find enigmatic treasures, learn about old civilizations, and freely travel the entire planet!