During the Pokémon Violet livestream, a pet fish discloses credit card information

Pets sometimes act foolishly. They consume newspapers, rip apart clothes, and make us giggle. However, one well-known fish unintentionally broadcast the credit card information of its owner during a Pokémon Violet webcast. According to Automaton Media, the fish got onto the eShop where it changed the user’s nickname and added money to their wallet, among other things.

Okay, I guess this one needs some background information. Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru Channel is most known for his “Fish Play Pokémon” livestream series. You guessed it: Some pet fish manage to play through the entirety of Pokémon games on these streams. With over 20,000 hours of gaming, the channel has played through Pokémon Crystal, LeafGreen, and Sapphire, among many other games. This school of fish is very remarkable.

How do they play, though? Motion tracking is used in a program and circuit board developed by Mutekimaru. The board is located behind the fish tank and has a sheet of paper and several button inputs on it. The circuit board detects movement as the fish passes by the button and inputs the appropriate movement.

The game crashed on January 15th, while playing Pokémon Violet live, and the fish found themselves in the Switch’s interface and subsequently the eShop. It’s a voyage, to put it mildly. The fish are able to browse a few titles on the eShop, including Minecraft and Minecraft Legends, but not before visiting the wallet page and adding 500 yen to Mutekimaru’s account, where the credit card information was displayed.

Look, we know we mentioned the other day that we didn’t like fish Pokémon, but this shows that actual fish are much more fascinating! We wouldn’t be pleased, but you know, if our pet fish posted our credit card information online. At least it’s a rare skill, right?

But the fish weren’t quite finished there. They used Platinum Points from the rewards program to make a brand-new icon for Mutekimaru as a final flourish. The symbol? a straightforward little Nintendo Switch Sports golfer.

Although this was not what we had anticipated seeing on a Tuesday morning, it made us giggle. However, Mutekimaru has declared that Pokémon Violet will be the final Fish Play Pokémon. So once they finish the game, this little school’s mischief will come to a stop.