Drums and Rock PSVR2 Launch Lineup Crashes

The launch titles for PSVR2 just keep coming! Drums Rock, a rhythm game, has been quietly confirmed to launch on February 22nd alongside Sony’s new-generation headset. The game, which is already available on Meta Quest 2, is modeled after the original Guitar Hero games and puts you in front of a virtual drum kit where you must play the drums to beat up goblins and other obscene monsters.

Numerous musical styles, including heavy metal, nu-metal, and classic rock, are represented in the soundtrack. A complete campaign mode, unlockable content (such as drum kits and sticks), and online leaderboards are also included. If you don’t like the music, it’s probably not going to be your cup of tea, but the gameplay looks excellent and reviews have been good on other platforms, so it’s another game to think about when you pick up your headset next month.