Nintendo Releases the First Online Switch Game in Europe

The newest game to receive its own trial period as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service has been revealed by Nintendo.

It’s interesting that Fast RMX from Shin’en Multimedia is one of the Switch’s launch games. From April 26 to May 3, 2023, you can play the game without paying a cent.

Take a look at the (fairly succinct) summary from the Nintendo eShop below:

“Jump into the driver’s seat of your anti-gravity vehicle and put your skills to the test in high octane competitions. Challenge your friends to local split-screen competition or take part in online races against players from all over the world.”

For those who are unfamiliar, Fast RMX uses a “phase-swapping” mechanic in which you can alternate between the blue and orange colors to maintain momentum as you race through the different tracks. If you hit an orange boost pad while driving a blue car, you will slow down significantly; however, if the colors match, you will experience a significant speed increase.

It’s incredibly gratifying material, but if you need more persuasion, be sure to read our full review for all the specifics. Although it seems unlikely that Nintendo will release a new F-Zero anytime soon, this is unquestionably a worthy substitute.