Japanese Pikmin 4 Download Cards Show Split Screen, New Treasures, and More

Pikmin 4 download cards with screenshots of new features have appeared in Japan.

The new screenshots, posted to Twitter by @TokyoGameLife, show that two-player split-screen will return in the upcoming title (our fingers are still crossed for online capabilities) and that player two can play a support role as a shooter, controlling the Pikmin while you control the space explorer.

There is also a first look at the characters inside a house—is Oatchi allowed on the sofa?—and new items like fidget spinners and beach balls. See the photos below.

The first image confirms the game’s Unreal Engine development. It’s cool that this is the second Nintendo game to use the engine and the first to use it in-house (Good-Feel used it on Yoshi’s Crafted World).

We’re less than a month from the game’s July 21 release, but we’re still in the dark. Yes, the February Direct revealed the Ice Pikmin and Oatchi, and a trailer earlier this month showed the character customization options, but surely we’ll get a better look at the game before release?