Fire Emblem Joins Switch Online’s GBA Library

Update Today:Fire Emblem’s Switch Online release caps an exciting week for Nintendo, which announced many new games at its latest Direct presentation.

This requires a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription. The original article below covers this 2003 release. Japan’s service also received Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade today.

Original 16 June 2023:Next week, Nintendo will add Fire Emblem to Switch Online. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade is a tactical RPG available to everyone in the Expansion Pack tier.

This was the first installment released outside of Japan and introduced Lyn, who later became the Emblem of Blazing in Fire Emblem Engage for Switch. This game has permadeath. This classic’s PR:

“In Fire Emblem, the nation of Lycia stands on the precipice of war after centuries of peace. Turmoil grows as noble houses plot treason, allies become enemies and armies stand poised for combat … all while a mysterious figure manipulates empires from the shadows. Now Lyn, along with Eliwood and Hector, must amass their own army to fight back against the forces that would destroy everything they hold dear – and before the world is burned to ash.

“Over the course of the story, you’ll gather heroes to your side, train them to excel with a wide array of weapons and classes, and further hone their skills on the battlefield. In battle, strategize your course of action around a variety of terrain and conditions. Then take command of the field and lead your units to victory by fulfilling specific objectives. But be warned: In this Fire Emblem game, if your soldiers meet their end, they’re gone forever.”

Fire Emblem for GBA was released on the Wii U eShop in 2014. The title turned 20 in April. Nintendo Life covers its history.

In related news, Japan will receive Roy’s 2002 game Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade this month.