Switch Exclusive ‘Fashion Dreamer’ Set for November 2023 Release (Japan)

Fashion Dreamer, an upcoming Marvelous XSEED fashion game, was absent from last week’s Western Nintendo Direct.

It was shown in the February Direct and will release in Japan on November 2, 2023, if the Switch’s release schedule wasn’t already full.

This is just Japan’s date, but localization should follow soon. Fashion Dreamer will release worldwide in 2023, according to the Nintendo website. Nintendo released a trailer with the Japan release date.

Here’s a look and a preview. Style Boutique/Style Savvy fans may want to add this to their wishlist.

“Fashion Dreamer: Welcome to Fashion Dreamer, a fashion game where you glam it up and share your creations on your quest to become a stylish influencer. Choose from over 1,400 design options and connect online*2┬áto expand your friend circle and grow your brand. Got an eye for fashion? Then get styling when Fashion Dreamer debuts exclusively on Nintendo Switch this year.”