Digital Eclipse Announces Switch Interactive Documentary ‘Making Of Karateka’

Digital Eclipse announced The Gold Master Series, a series of self-published interactive documentaries, following the Atari 50 compilation.

The Making of Karateka will debut on Switch and other platforms later this year. Players can view design documents, playable prototypes, and never-before-seen video features.

In addition, Karateka Remastered will include exclusive content, commentary, achievements, and more. Jordan Mechner’s unpublished prototype, Deathbounce: Rebounded, will also be playable.

“Created when Jordan was a teenaged college student, Karateka made major innovations in cinematics, soundtrack, and animation. It was a revolutionary leap in how games told stories, inspiring a generation of game designers. Through rare archival documents, playable prototypes, video interviews, and much more, The Making of Karateka will delve into the story of this landmark release to a depth that no video game has ever gone before.”

As soon as we hear, we’ll share The Making of Karateka’s release date. Digital Eclipse also said its second Gold Master Series game is in development, with more details coming later this year.