Star Trek: The Next Generation Boldly Enters Pinball FX’s Table DLC

With the Marvel collection, Pinball FX has entered the final frontier with a new DLC package featuring Williams’ Star Trek: The Next Generation table.

The Switch eShop sells the package for £8.99 / $9.99, and the above launch trailer shows the U.S.S. Enterprise’s long-awaited arrival in virtual pinball.

The table has original music, voices, and Easter eggs for even the biggest Trekkies. Keep the machine’s game running while firing torpedoes to defend the starship, survive the Shuttle Simulation, and more.

A full list of DLC features follows.

Table Features:

– Warp through eight U.S.S. Enterprise-D Missions
– Enjoy the original music and voiceovers by eight cast members
– Fire Photon Torpedoes to defend the starship
– Get ahead of the competition with the Warp Speed ball delivery sequence
– Survive the Shuttle Simulation in the Holodeck
– Reach Warp Factor 9.9 for unique rewards
– Find secret modes hidden from the galaxy. Become an honorary Starfleet officer today!