Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi Learned “Satisfy A Fanbase” on F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX launched on the GameCube over 20 years ago, and while a reboot seems unlikely, title producer Toshihiro Nagoshi recently discussed his experience working on the project and his hopes for a return.

The former SEGA producer (now Nagoshi Studio) was asked by VGC about his love for the GameCube’s futuristic racing game. Nagoshi replied that the experience taught him how to make “a high-quality game to satisfy a fanbase” and that he might work on the title again if given the chance:

July marked the 20th anniversary of F-Zero GX, a title you’ve said you’ve had a lot of affection for.
This is a very nostalgic game title for me, and that was when I learned how to create a high quality game to satisfy a fanbase. I learned a lot, and if there was a chance, I wouldn’t mind working on it again.

You’ve said that previously, but when you said it, you were at Sega. Does your new position at Nagoshi Studio theoretically make that more or less likely should that opportunity arise?
[laughs] This is more of a question for Nintendo!

Nagoshi last expressed an interest in working on F-Zero GX again in 2021, but it appears that this hope has yet to materialize.

GX’s continued gameplay from X and the added story mode satisfied fans on release, and we still think it’s one of the best F-Zero games. Today, the best way to satisfy this fanbase is to release another game—could Nagoshi do it twice? Nintendo, you know you want to…

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