This Zelda: TOTK glitch lets Link explore fiery caves without armor or elixirs

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has so many outfit options that you’d be lying if you didn’t want Link to always look his best. What makes this hard? The bulky Flamebreaker Armour. For most of the game, this was our main defense against the fire caves, and it’s not cute. What if you could visit Hyrule’s top attractions without changing into this monster?

It’s possible in caves. In a new glitch revealed by YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented, Link’s habit of catching fire when not dressed is easy to fix.

Simply watching a memory as you enter the cave resets the hot internal temperature to the outside temperature. This lets you use wooden weapons and bomb arrows without losing hearts, so you can wear whatever outfit you want while cave exploring.

This glitch has a catch: opening a chest resets the cave temperature to fiery, but Gaming Reinvented shows that watching another memory cools things down.