Internal Xbox Email Want Nintendo

Xbox’s 2020 internal communication from Phil Spencer suggests the corporation is still exploring acquiring Nintendo.

As part of a deluge of leaked, unredacted documents from the FTC Vs. Microsoft case in the US (the original of which appears to have been removed), the email reveals Spencer’s surprising thoughts on the acquisition, including that “getting Nintendo would be a career moment” and that it would be “a good move for both companies”.

Spencer notes that Nintendo is “sitting on a big pile of cash” and that acquiring it is difficult. He adds that ValueAct, a former Microsoft board member, has been buying Nintendo shares, which could “create opportunities” for Microsoft.

However, Spencer may be right to argue that a hostile takeover would be bad and that without a trigger, there would likely be no short-term acquisitions. The email finishes with “taking a long time for Nintendo to see that their future exists off of their own hardware.” This seems unusual given the Nintendo Switch’s massive success in 2020, no?

Despite Spencer’s statements, Nintendo is unlikely to be acquired soon, so be assured. Given its delicate nature, the email’s title, “RE: random thought”, is hilarious.

Microsoft had reportedly offered Nintendo a buyout before the original Xbox appeared, but Nintendo laughed “their asses off” at the idea.