PlayStation Japan Prepared a Massive PS5 Marketing Push

PlayStation Japan’s tease earlier this week raised speculation about a secret announcement, but we reported that the company was hinting at a collaboration with popular Japanese band King Gnu. It turns out this promotion is much bigger than we expected.

Sony’s new PlayStation marketing campaign in Japan appears to have cost a lot. The four King Gnu members appear in a crazy new PS5 ad (watch it above), and the band has written a new song, Asura, for the campaign.

Not only that. The Japanese PlayStation Blog reports on a massive marketing campaign in Shibuya, Tokyo’s busiest commercial district. The PlayStation X King Gnu graphics and videos will be shown at 20 locations, including Shibuya’s main station.

Since the PS5 ‘Slim’ is smaller, a new marketing campaign makes sense. Sony will want to keep the current-gen system at the top of Japan’s hardware charts for the holidays. Reiterating that early 2024’s release schedule is full of high-profile Japanese games could be a big few months for PlayStation in Japan.

Can PlayStation continue its Japanese streak in the coming months?