Jaw-Dropping Indie RPG Small Saga Coming to Console… Eventually

Small Saga, an indie RPG by one insanely talented person, Darya Noghani, who also worked on the surreal Avian Attorney, is now available on PC. It is so ridiculously good that we need this audience to know about it. The Small Saga will come to consoles, but when is unknown.

In Steam updates, Noghani teased, “Card trading? Achievements? Console ports? One thing at a time.”

Small Saga is a classic turn-based RPG set in an anthropomorphic animal world where humans are all-powerful, unknowable gods. You play as Verm, a quiet Squall protagonist who wields a “god-weapon”—a forgotten human pocket knife that looks like Cloud’s Buster Sword in his tiny mouse paws—on an epic journey. The music is amazing, and the dark, brutal story keeps surprising us in the best way.

It just released on PC (we’ve been playing on Steam Deck), and I know it will be huge on PlayStation. The big free content expansion planned for next year seems like a good opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the Small Saga? Is this trip worth the wait?