New Holiday Update from Trombone Champ Includes Two Festive Songs, Patch Notes

Trombone Champ arrived on Switch earlier this year, and Holy Wow Studios has released a new update to keep the party going over the holidays.

Switch version 1.25A has many new features. The addition of two new songs, ‘O Christmas Tree’ and ‘God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen’, will definitely liven up any holiday party.

Achievements have been added to the game’s Switch home page, giving you a goal to toot along to the iconic tracks.


Several bug fixes and improvements accompany this. For your convenience, we have listed the patch notes below from a Holy Wow blog post.

Trombone Champ Ver. 1.25A (December 13, 2023)

New Content

  • Two new holiday tracks: “O Christmas Tree” and “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen!”
  • There is now an achievements panel that appears on the home screen after you have unlocked at least one achievement. These are just for fun and intended to mirror the type of achievements that PC and Mac users can unlock with Steam. They do not affect gameplay in any way! However, if you can unlock all of the achievements, send us a screenshot!


  • During gameplay, you can see if you’ve beaten your previous high score. Look for a small “New High Score” icon next to your score.
  • If you play an entire song without missing a single combo, you now see “Perfect” in the score screen and receive more toots!
  • Various optimizations.


  • Various small fixes to the localized copy.
  • Fixed a tiny issue where the character’s hands would be in weird positions when a song started.
  • Fixes the lyrics in “Hino Nacional Brasileiro.”
  • Cards should now display in the correct font in English.
  • Various other very small adjustments and fixes.