The CEO of Sony Builds Anticipation for Nintendo’s Zelda Film

Regardless of your opinion on the format, Nintendo is currently developing a live-action Zelda film. Not only that, but Sony Pictures is producing it. Sure thing, Sony. The folks from PlayStation. While Nintendo was the pioneer in bringing attention to the project, co-producers are now taking the lead, with Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida leading the charge. Okay, so in a way.

Zelda had to receive a mention during yesterday’s Sony CES 2024 press conference, when Yoshida summarized all of the film and TV projects that the company’s Pictures department is presently working on. And it was given a shoutout. Yes, the CEO of Sony has said that the upcoming Legend of Zelda film would provide—brace yourself!—”an amazing tale of adventure and discovery.” Raise your jaw off the floor and try not to show how shocked you are.

Yeah, this isn’t exactly breaking news, but it does add to the growing body of evidence that Sony is producing and releasing this picture, which is something we still haven’t quite processed, to be honest. You can find Yoshida’s complete opinion on the film in both the video (about 16 minutes in) and the written version below:

We are also excited about another IP expansion, the adaptation of Nintendo’s game franchise The Legend of Zelda. This live-action film will deliver an amazing tale of adventure and discovery

That concludes it. Amped up yet? Additional details on Sony’s other upcoming video game adaptations, such as God of War and Horizon: Forbidden West, have been revealed. Being a lover of video games has never been better than right now, with the introduction of Amazon’s Fallout series.

Just in case you forgot, Wes Ball (The Maze Runner, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes) is going to direct, and Miyamoto has said that he and producer Avi Arad have been working on the idea for the last decade. However, the release date of the Legend of Zelda movie is still up in the air.