Nintendo Supposedly Wants More Studios To Develop Its Intellectual Properties

The Japanese video game corporation Nintendo is reportedly looking to expand its team with additional partners and companies to develop its intellectual property (IP) in preparation for the next generation of Nintendo devices.

In light of this,’s Christopher Dring reports that three teams are “deep in conversation around making games based on Nintendo brands” at the moment. Exactly what he said was this:

“I also know that Nintendo is actively meeting with independent developers to find new partners. Some of that is around publishing indie games, which Nintendo does from time-to-time, but it’s also seeking studios that could work on some of its IP. Nintendo regularly works with third-party teams, including Bandai Namco, Team Ninja, Platinum Games, MercurySteam, WayForward and Grezzo. But the company is looking to add to that roster, and I know of three studios that are deep in conversation around making games based on Nintendo brands.”

Games like Metroid Dread, produced by an outside team, are among the greatest Switch exclusives of this generation. Recently, Nintendo has also blessed other companies with the opportunity to collaborate with their intellectual property, such as WayForward and Brace Yourself Games.

The source doesn’t provide any additional details about these “three studios,” so we invite you to guess who they are in the comments. In the future, who developers do you hope will be involved with Nintendo brands? Please share your story with us below.