Postal: Brain Damaged is set to bring its unique brand of FPS action to the Nintendo Switch next month

Postal: Brain Damaged is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, as the team recently revealed on Steam.

Pre-orders will be available on the eShop starting next week, with the game set to release on February

2, 2024. The price for the game will be $24.99 or £19.99. If you’re interested, there’s a trailer available on YouTube. However, it’s worth noting that the content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Here’s the complete breakdown, along with a glimpse (via

Let go of all your preconceptions about the gameplay in the POSTAL series. POSTAL: Brain Damaged, the thrilling spin-off that has received high praise from players, is ready to take you on an exhilarating journey with the iconic POSTAL Dude. This place has lost its charm, even Edensin. This time, the story takes place within the twisted psyche of the POSTAL DUDE, himself! And it’s not the typical open world sandbox experience you might anticipate.

The spin-off brings a fresh twist to the gameplay, reminiscent of the beloved first-person shooter classics from the 90s and 2000s. Experience an adrenaline-fueled adventure filled with intense action and thrilling exploration. Encounter a diverse array of formidable foes and challenging bosses. Arm yourself with an impressive selection of unique and unconventional weapons. Uncover a multitude of hidden surprises and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. What truly sets the world of POSTAL games apart is its unparalleled sense of humor!

Prepare yourself for an adventure in a meticulously designed world, brimming with unexpected wonders
– Immerse yourself in the intense gameplay, where speed and agility are key, and be amazed by the mind-bending level design – Embark on a journey through the twisted and ever-evolving landscapes of POSTAL DUDE’S disturbed psyche – Experience the thrill of wielding an impressive arsenal against a horde of unique and terrifying adversaries. Experience the unique storyline that adds even more complexity to the already confusing POSTAL-VERSE continuity. Experience the trademark dark and irreverent humor of the POSTAL series. Corey Cruise reprises his role as the iconic POSTAL DUDE, with exciting guest appearances from other beloved voices. Immerse yourself in the powerful sounds of heavy-metal music playing in the background

Searching for your next thrilling First-Person Shooter adventure, warriors? Look no further!