‘Rising Lords’ brings a medieval twist to turn-based strategy, making its way to the Switch this month

Publisher Deck13 Spotlight and developer Argonwood have exciting news for strategy game enthusiasts. The highly anticipated medieval-inspired turn-based strategy game, Rising Lords, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on January 18th. Get ready to embark on epic battles and conquer new territories!

Set in the imaginative realm of Aubelin, Rising Lords puts you in the role of a noble striving to ascend the social ladder and seize control of the kingdom.

At first glance, this game follows the familiar formula of turn-based gameplay, featuring strategic battles, a variety of skill cards, and plenty of opportunities for countering your opponents. However, it also incorporates elements of board game mechanics, city building, and resource management, all presented in a captivating medieval visual style reminiscent of ancient frescoes.

With cross-platform multiplayer, challenge and scenario modes, and a map editor added to the standard campaign, this game offers a substantial and exciting experience. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the game’s features, along with a glimpse of some captivating screenshots.

Turn-based tactics
– Varied game modes
– Versatile maps and map editor
– Skill and event cards
– Deep morale system
– Resource management and building construction
– Weapon forging and army creation
– Balancing of military and economic strength

Rising Lords has been available in early access on Steam for several years, but the complete version will be launching simultaneously with the console release later this month.