Some Dragons Dogma 2 spoilers are out there

Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom’s much-anticipated action RPG, releases on PS5 on March 22. Unfortunately, as usual, a few copies have slipped into confinement, releasing tale spoilers in video and live-streamed form.

Eurogamer was the first to issue the almost necessary PSA before the game’s Friday debut. As usual, we recommend muting related keywords on social media to keep this experience as pristine as possible. Perhaps some people obtained actual copies early, and Capcom has issued takedown requests, according to IGN. No one can stop internet information from spreading.

In other Dragon’s Dogma 2 news, actor Ian McShane can give you a spoiler-free introduction. You can also start building a character before launch to spend more time playing.

Will you do anything to prevent Dragon’s Dogma 2 spoilers? Are we constructing mountains out of molehills? Comment below.