Animal Well introduces visually appealing platforming and unsettling creatures to the Switch platform in May

Recall the April 2023 Indie World showcase, where Animal Well was unveiled. With its charming graphics and challenging gameplay, this pixel art platformer from YouTubers videogamedunkey and Leahbee’s Bigmode caught our attention. The highly anticipated game finally has a confirmed release date, and it will be available for the Nintendo Switch on May 9th.

Animal Well is a game that exudes an abundance of vibes. As you take control of a small blob, you’ll navigate through a visually stunning pixel art maze, gathering various items to aid your progress. This labyrinth is teeming with animals, adding an extra layer of challenge. Many of them will have a voracious appetite for you.

Animal Well seems to have the potential to provide us with hours of entertainment. During the Summer Game Fest 2022 Day of the Devs presentation, developer Shared Memory’s Billy Brasso emphasized the abundance of puzzles in the game. Some of these puzzles are essential for advancing through the game, while others are more hidden and designed to be uncovered over an extended period of time. It seems like we’re in for quite the endurance test, huh?

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of the game’s features and a few screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect.

Explore and Illuminate the Dark
• Dense atmospheric puzzle box world with tons of secrets
• Light candles for safety and gradually fill out your map
• Nonlinear: explore and collect items in whatever order you choose

Solve puzzles. Observation is rewarded
• Enemies, environment, and items interact in surprising and systemic ways
• All items have multiple uses
• Learn how innocuous details can become meaningful

Survive and Tread Carefully
• Assess for yourself what is safe and dangerous
• Focus on tension and suspense rather than action
• You are disempowered, but can make clever use of your environment and items

Animal Well is set to make its debut on the Switch eShop in May, with a price tag of $24.99 (or your regional equivalent).