Oh no! Nintendo may have inadvertently unveiled additional details about Princess Peach: Showtime! Transformations

If yesterday’s Splatoon 3 news didn’t already make it clear that a big February Nintendo Direct is unlikely, then this should do the trick: it seems that we can expect another trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime! today.

This suspicion did not arise from our profound understanding of time travel or from receiving an uncannily precise response from a Magic 8 ball. Instead, the source of this information seems to be Twitter, which, let’s be honest, is practically synonymous with the gaming community. It appears that a vigilant user stumbled upon an unintentional news post on the Nintendo website.

Attention! The news post will be displayed below. If you’re eager to avoid any potential spoilers for future Princess Peach: Showtime! updates, then you might want to avert your gaze for now.

Recently, the Nintendo website caused quite a stir when a news post titled ‘See the debut of more transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime!’ appeared, catching the attention of the well-known ‘No Context Super Mario’ account, @SuperMarioOOC85. The post has been taken down, but a tweet provides a glimpse of the transformative elements it showcased.


It remains to be seen if these are the real deals until we receive an official announcement from Nintendo. On the other hand, they appear quite legitimate. The post was published today, February 14th, 2024. It seems that we might get a glimpse of Mermaid, Mighty, Dashing Thief, and Figure Skater Peach at some point. Will they actually be revealed? Only time will tell.

It seems that Nintendo has once again come close to spoiling a major reveal, as they did with the almost premature posting of the Splatoon 3 Direct. However, only time will reveal the true outcome of this situation.