Horizon Forbidden West Makes a Solid Debut on PC

Some argue that the excitement surrounding Sony’s PC ports of single-player games has diminished, but Horizon Forbidden West is defying expectations. The open-world sequel, converted by Nixxes, has garnered a solid peak of 35,168 concurrent users on Steam, positioning it as the sixth largest PS Studios launch on the platform thus far, trailing just slightly behind The Last of Us: Part 1. It is highly likely that it will surpass the Naughty Dog remake later in the weekend.

Horizon Zero Dawn reached its highest point with 55,557 concurrent users. However, as mentioned earlier, there was a certain novelty surrounding these early PS Studios ports. The Horizon Forbidden West port is being hailed as flawless, devoid of any of the bugs or technical issues that have plagued some of Sony’s other conversions. Acquiring port specialists Nixxes was a shrewd move by the platform holder.

Helldivers 2 has proven to be a remarkable success on PC for Sony, prompting the platform holder to potentially reassess its release strategy going forward. However, it is important for the PlayStation brand to maintain the value of exclusive single-player titles by granting them a period of exclusivity on consoles. It will be intriguing to observe how it adapts to the ever-changing market dynamics in the future. For the present moment, however, we can confidently label Horizon Forbidden West’s port as a resounding success.