‘Earthblade’ Has Been Delayed, Will Not Release in 2024

Extremely OK Games’ 2D “explor-action” game Earthblade was announced three years ago. Since late 2022, this gorgeous pixel art platformer has been scheduled for release in 2024; however, the developers have announced a delay.

Maddy Thorson, Extremely OK Games’ R&D Director, wrote a blog post thanking supporters for their support but confirming that “this game ain’t coming out in 2024.”.

Thorson blamed workload management, team development, and personal issues like her gender transition for the delay.

While the post did not provide a date, it stressed that the game is “not stagnant.”. Earthblade is still in development at Extremely OK Games, which just hired Kyle Pulver, a game designer who worked on Offspring Fling, Super Meat Boy Forever, and others. “He’s identifying our vision and the problems preventing the game from living up to it,” he said. “Plus, his fresh eyes have inspired all of us to see things anew.”.

The Extremely OK Games website or the tweet’s URL contain Thorson’s full message.

We hate game delays, but we’d rather see something delayed and released well than rushed without enough testing. We’ll watch for Earthblade updates in the coming months, hoping for a 2025 release.