‘What They Don’t Sea’ seems to be an ideal introduction to the world of ‘Endless Ocean’

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Nintendo’s Endless Ocean: Luminous on May 2, 2024, but don’t want to wait for weeks to play it, you might be interested in checking out What They Don’t Sea on the Switch eShop. It has recently been launched for $4.99. However, it seems that it is currently only available on the US store and not yet in the EU. Stay tuned for updates.

Dive into the depths of the ocean and embark on a quest to discover a new species of algae, rumored to hold immense potential as an alternative energy source. Throughout your journey, you will encounter a diverse array of creatures, some of which will be amicable while others will pose a threat. It will be crucial for you to carefully monitor your air levels in order to stay alive. Featuring delightful pixel art visuals and a soothing soundtrack, this game seems like an ideal warm-up for Nintendo’s highly anticipated main event coming up next month.

Team Atlantic, a small group of middle school girls who worked together on the project during a three-week “Girls Make Games” summer camp in Durham, North Carolina, developed What They Don’t Sea. The team’s mastery of game design and coding led them to claim the prestigious Grand Prize at the ‘GMG’s Demo Day’ competition in 2019. Through collaboration with experienced developers and a successful $40K Kickstarter campaign, they were able to bring their game to life.

Laila Shabir and Ish Syed first launched Girls Make Games in 2014. It offers a range of programs, including summer camps, workshops, and game jams, all aimed at fostering and motivating the future wave of game developers. The organization’s flagship summer camps are open to girls and nonbinary kids aged 8–18, regardless of their previous coding or design experience. One intriguing aspect of the upcoming 2024 summer camps is that they will be held at Crystal Dynamics, the renowned studio famous for its contributions to the Tomb Raider franchise.

Have you had a chance to try out What They Don’t See on the Switch? What are your thoughts on the trailer? We eagerly await your feedback in the comments section.