Inti Creates’ latest release, ‘Umbraclaw’, offers players a chance to experience the cat action platformer with a free eShop demo

Prior to its highly anticipated release on May 30th, Inti Creates has generously provided fans with a complimentary demo of their exciting new cat action platformer, Umbraclaw.

The Umbraclaw demo is now available on the Switch eShop and offers a satisfying amount of content for players to enjoy. Players will have the opportunity to access the game’s tutorial, engage in the opening two stages (complete with epic boss battles), and freely explore the expansive hub world.

The Inti Creates Twitter account shared the news along with a teaser of the demo bosses’ character art. On the right, we can see the fiery shark and the swashbuckling rabbit.

Umbraclaw revolves around the intriguing concept of cat reincarnation, which is truly unique. The demo offers a tantalizing opportunity to witness this phenomenon firsthand. Experience the captivating levelling-up system as you witness protagonist Kuon’s transformation from a helpless deceased feline to a formidable entity infused with the unique powers of other deceased creatures. We have included the most recent trailer at the beginning of this article to provide concrete evidence.

This setup is quite intriguing, and we’re definitely eager to give it a go, especially with Inti Creates leading the way. With their track record of games like Mega Man Zero and Azure Striker Gunvolt, our interest is piqued.