The long-awaited update for Contra: Operation Galuga has finally arrived on the Switch! Get ready to dive into the action with these exciting patch notes

Update: The latest update for Contra: Operation Galuga is now available on Switch as well, after being released on other platforms last week. Konami and WayForward have made this exciting announcement.

The official Contra Twitter account recently announced the exciting news of the Switch’s inclusion. Discover the complete patch notes for this latest update in our comprehensive coverage below.

Original article: Konami and WayForward have just revealed that an exciting update is in the works for Contra: Operation Galuga on the Switch. The latest patch has been released today on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam, but unfortunately, Switch players will have to wait a bit longer for its arrival.

We don’t have an exact release date for the Switch version at the moment, but we do have some details about what it will include. This time, the focus is on addressing a forced quit error, game freezes, and music bugs. Additionally, the development team has made several adjustments to most of the stages in an effort to enhance the overall experience.

We have compiled the complete patch notes for you to peruse below. They were shared on Twitter, so you can easily access them all in one place.

Contra: Operation Galuga Update (“Coming Soon” to Switch)

Notice of Update and Fixes

  • Forced quit error
  • Game freeze after stage clear
  • Music bug fix

Stage 1

  • Fixed cutscenes

Stage 2

  • Cutscene replay on continue

Stage 3

  • Enemy animations
  • Hit detection in boss battles

Stage 4

  • Respawn position in certain areas
  • Progression halt under certain conditions

Stage 6

  • Unable to progress during boss battle
  • Hit detection of the boss battle
  • Boss attack animation
  • Hit detection of flamethrower trap

Stage 7

  • Unable to progress with certain characters

Stage 8

  • Fixed cutscenes
  • Charge animation of mid-boss
  • Unable to progress on certain difficulty levels when contested
  • Processing rematch after game over in boss battles
  • Acid rise levelling logic

Fixes for weapon processing

  • Charge Spread
  • Homing bean
  • Counter (Overload)
  • Barrage (Overload)

Arcade Mode

  • Weapon pod energy stocks between stages

Challenge Mode

  • Bugs when retrying the run

Other fixes

  • Improvement of overall stability
  • BGM stops on certain difficulty stages
  • Character hit detection while crouching
  • Unable to operate when using certain perks
  • Respawn causing player to fall into terrains
  • Positioning of enemies appearing from the ground
  • Process when restarting after game over
  • Other minor bug fixes

Hopefully, the release for the Switch won’t keep us waiting for too long. In our assessment, it is evident that the game would greatly benefit from additional refinement prior to its release. The presence of technical glitches significantly diminishes the potential enjoyment that could otherwise be derived from the experience.