Imagine Dragons to Play at The Video Game Awards

Looks like the Imagine Dragons will be at The Game Awards! There’s no denying that last year’s VGX’s were pretty awful. We’ve all had a year to wind down and realize that almost the entire show was awful. From the performances to the lack of meaningful premiers, the VGX’s last year were meh. This year is hopefully going to be different, performance wise at least. The Imagine Dragons are set to perform this year at The Game Awards. While some may not see the major deal here, it is there. As the awards have actually been rather plagued for years by awful music performances, the Chain Gang of 1974 wasn’t the only one. The awards have had some down right random performances and Imagine Dragons to me are a sign of relief.

While I am not a huge fan of the Imagine Dragons, I prefer them over what we have heard in recent years. It will be interesting to see if The Game Awards can make up for their shortcomings last year, but so far it seems like they are actually trying. The Imagine Dragons aren’t the only welcomed change this year either, we also have lost Joel McHale. While I do not mind Joel, his sarcastic humor did not work very well at the awards. Some even better news? The Loiter Squad is nowhere in sight! I am not entirely sure if they had one genuine laugh at the awards last year, none form me or my friends. The Imagine Dragons may be the best performers we’ve seen in recent years. It all depends on what the Imagine Dragons plan on doing and how well they do it.

Either way, Imagine Dragons actually make sense for a performance at the awards. I am hoping their performance goes over well and that this marks a change in the awards. I am somewhat tired of the awards falling to disaster. It will be ncie to see what Geoff Keighley has in store for us. Keighley has done well in grabbing Imagine Dragons and fixing up the mistakes of last year’s blunders. Hopefully the performance by Imagine Dragons can help us forget all about the bum performances last year and hopefully Keighley has some better entertainment lined up. Although if he is trying to do better than the Loiter Squad… it won’t be too hard to accomplish. Should be interesting to see what the Imagine Dragons have in store for viewers of the show.