Elder Scrolls Online patch1.0.8 change log

A new patch for Elder Scrolls Online has been released by ZeniMax Online, and fans of the game will be happy to hear that it solves a lot of problems. It fixes some issues with the Mac OS X client for the game and it also restores some broken quests that could not be finished under normal circumstances.

The fact that one secondary quest or the other could not be finished was no big deal. Finding out that some of the quests in the main storyline were unsolvable is what’s really disappointing about this game. Thankfully, the problems are fixed now, and here’s the full change log for the new Elder Scrolls Online patch:

Patch 1.0.8 notes

Combat & Gameplay

  • Werewolf – Fixed an issue where werewolves could use Devour on the same corpse multiple times.

Mac Client

  • Fixed an issue for a graphics-related memory leak.
  • Fixed an issue for an animation-related memory leak.


  • Auridon – One of the Undaunted: You can now advance past the quest step “Be Initiated.”
  • Bangkorai – To Walk on Far Shores: Septima Tharn will no longer get stuck in the world.
  • Coldharbour – Breaking the Shackle and Army of Meridia: If you have both of these quests, you’re now able to talk to Vanus Galerion to advance both quests correctly.
  • Vanus Unleashed: Vanus Galerion’s projection will now always appear for you.
  • Deshaan – Cold-blooded Vengeance: If you’re in a group, you should no longer have difficulties in burning the boats.
  • Plague Bringe: If Captain Diiril becomes stuck and unable to attack or be attacked, he will now respawn at his starting point.
  • Eastmarch – Snow and Flame: Thane Mera Stormcloak will now appear at the proper location.
  • Grahtwood – Eyes of Azura: Irrai will no longer become stuck and inaccessible for you: You can now interact with the letter on the table.

Main Quest

  • Cadwell’s Silver: You can now always discover your first wayshrine and go to the beginning of your first unlocked alliance.
  • Malabal Tor – Restore the Silvenar: The Bewitchers will no longer run away in the middle of a conversation, which was formerly preventing you from advancing the quest.
  • Reaper’s March – The Moonlit Path: The quest will no longer reset if you get too far ahead of Silvenar and the Green Lady.
  • Rivenspire – Dream-Walk Into Darkness: Killing the skeletons will now advance the quest.
  • The Rift – Tomb Beneath the Mountain: If Hakra becomes stuck, the boss scene will reset so you can still advance.


  • Maps – Created a new map for Trolhetta Summit in The Rift.

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