A less addictive Flappy Bird returns with Multiplayer functionality

Flappy Bird returns with Multiplayer functionality and some other changes designed to make it less addictive to players. About a month after the mobile gaming sensation was removed, the app stores were still filled with Flappy Bird wipe-outs that managed to scrounge the spotlight from the other popular games such as Shuriken Block.

Right before Doug Ngyuen announced he will delete the game, a lot of passionate players raced to download it before it was taken down. Many thought this was just a selling strategy and that Ngyuen never actually intended to remove his game, but it’s not like he needed the extra money and the game was deleted shortly after. Flappy Bird was indeed very addictive, but aren’t all games?  Apparently this one caused more headaches than the others, so Ngyuen decided to make a “less addictive” version that will probably launch in August.

Flappy Bird was a phenomenon before it was removed. The question is, will the new less addictive version have the same success? Why not? Considering many players still condemn Ngyuen’s decision. Many wanted the game to return, but will they be pleased by the new version? That’s also a possibility, if they are true Flappy Bird fans.

It’s still unclear if the new game will actually be a new Flappy Bird or an update for the previous version. An updated Flappy Bird could definitely be a number one game, but a new, reinvented and redesigned Flappy Bird would be a big hit. Some players could be skeptical towards a completely new game, but as curiosity is one of our humanly features no doubt they will download the game to see for themselves the changes Ngyuen made.

If Flappy Bird will be once again a best-seller or a major fail is uncertain. Ngyuen hit the jackpot before, not only with Flappy Bird, so if luck is on his side the new game has all the chances to have a greater success than its predecessor. There’s to downside to bringing the game back, even it turns out to be a complete failure because Ngyuen will easily make back the money he invested, if not with Flappy Bird than with the other games that proved to be very popular.