5 Great HD Android Games – Part II

We are continuing our list of great HD Free Android games with another five cool mobile titles. These Android games are not only looking top-notch but are also a lot of fun. Oh, and the best part, these are all for free. If you are looking for your next time-waster, one of these android games might be perfect for you, and if not, you can always just easily delete them.

Motocross Meltdown

Motocross Meltdown is a racing game with some extra features. You will not only have to concentrate on taking turns but also on executing perfect stunts. You’ll have plenty to do in this game as you will have to climb your way up to the top of the leader boards. Motocross Meltdown has plenty of challenges for you to perfection your skills and then use them in PVP battles to test your abilities against other players. The games is not only fun but also offers amazing graphics and great sounds. As usual with “free” games, you will get a limited amount of energy (used for online play) and fuel tanks (used for single player missions) that once get used up will stop you from playing until the game replenishes them or you by new ones for money. This is a common thing with android games on today’s market but you should get decent play times without spending a dime.

Eternity Warriors 3

Eternity Warriors it a well known action/RPG series on the market for offering great graphics quality and addicting game play. Like in any other typical RPG game, you will choose between three classes: monk, mage or warrior. Eternity Warriors 3 offers a great fictional world to explore and quests to complete. It’s a fun game to check out that won’t overwhelm you with complex character building and gearing choices. If you are a fan of role playing games you will probably find Eternity Warriors 3 very enjoyable on your lonely bus rides home.

Dead trigger 2

Dead trigger 2 is a single-player zombie shooter with some pretty awesome graphics. The game is using the Unity engine which makes it capable to deliver similar graphical quality to console games. Aiming in mobile shooters is always hard when compared to mouse aiming on pc games, but Dead Trigger 2 has managed to make touchscreen aiming easy and intuitive. Dead Trigger 2 can prove an addictive game as shooting zombies is always fun. You can buy, craft and upgrade your weapons and fortunately the game is not as money-hungry as “free” games use to be nowadays.

Smash Hit

If you like breaking things just for fun than you will like Smash Hit. The goal of the game is very simple; you will have to break glass tiles with metal balls. The game offers 50 different rooms and 11 different styles with realistic glass breaking effects. It may look like a simple time-waster but after a stressful day at the office it will prove excellent for some stress relief. The simplistic and clean graphics complement the game well by offering a calming experience while you dish out destruction.


Indestructible is about fitting your car with the best weapon you can afford and destroy your opponents. You will begin the game by choosing your car (if you want to spend your money) or picking the default one that the game provides you with and make it as indestructible as possible while fitting it with awesome firepower. The controls are easy to learn as you will use two on-screen joysticks, one to control the car and the other to control the gun. You will have to collect power-ups that spawn o the battlefield while avoiding exploding barrels, dangerous cliffs and enemies. Indestructible features three game modes; two are capture the flag like and one death mach. You can play it in single-player against waves of enemies or against three other players in multiplayer free-for-all death match.

All of these android games are available for download from the app store for free. Check out our Part I of Free HD Android games list by clicking here if you haven’t done so already. For other great Android games click here.

What android games do you enjoy in your spare time?  Please let us know in the comment section bellow.