Eve Online gets narrative history book

A narrative history book about Eve Online is now available for pre-order thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. But what’s this book all about exactly? Well, according to the website, it encompasses the “politics, warfare, betrayal, and culture that shaped the first decade of Eve Online.” The Kickstarter’s initial $12.500 goal was quickly reached, and after just 30 days it managed to raise the impressive sum of $95.729. You can read a couple of passages from the book below.

“[Curse Alliance] could not understand why we knew so much. And of course, it was because we had our spies in their council. We actually started lying about other operations in their alliance just to start fights. The strategy was to make them so paranoid about spies and misinformation that they’d crumble from within. We could not win the war at the end of a gun barrel. The only way to win was to divide and conquer. When their spirits were almost completely broken we reached out to their elite fighters and made them an offer to defect. So, in a fateful battle they turned their guns on their own alliance. And Curse crumbled after.” “- Atli ‘CCP Praetorian’ Mar Sveinsson, Stain Alliance”

“What made the Great War so different from all the others is that most wars are just about taking someone’s region. It’s not a personal thing. Band of Brothers made it a personal thing by saying [Goonswarm] was a cancer on Eve. As soon as we demonstrated ourselves as a force to be reckoned with, the established order banded together to try to get rid of us. Band of Brothers declared that the ‘Goon dream in null-sec is over.’ They said that because Goonswarm were outsiders – because we were not recruited from within the Eve community – that everybody needs to band together to drive us out of the game. At which point it was basically on. And it became this tremendously bitter conflict.” “- Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco, Goonswarm”

Eve Online has been around for more than ten years now and a large number of events have occurred during this time, both good and bad. CCP Games had a brilliant idea by creating this book that will surely please fans of the game. The book can be pre-ordered from here and comes in multiple variants, with the hard cover U.S. version costing $50 and the soft cover $25. Stay tuned for more news and updates.