The lost item finder, the Tile, started shipping and is available for pre-order!

Who hasn’t dreamed about being able to find their personal lost items by calling them or making them ring, when in a rush? Keys, bags, objects that are not interconnected, it is a nightmare to loose them in the chaos of your office or home. Now, our dreams came true. The Bluetooth-powered lost item finder called the “Tile” has finally begun shipping. This hardware device and app is designed for the iOS platform and it allows users to locate objects if they attach the “tile” device to other items. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and it can locate objects with a 150-foot range, but the app can also locate devices beyond that range. A user can add up to 10 Tiles on an account and each Tile comes with a built-in speaker so the user can hear it.

Tile’s developers raised $2.6 million through crowdfunding last summer and by the 11th of May, 2014, the project’s promotional video had over 3,937,750 views on YouTube. The device needs no batteries and the Tile app saves the last GPS location where the object was seen. The access to the tiles can be shared with other users, too. The devices that can install the app so far, are iPhone 4S and newer, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd gen and newer and iPod Touch 5th gen and newer. It comes with a double-sided adhesive that can go on the back of the Tile. In order to set up the device, the “e” on the Tile must be depressed. Then, from the Tile app, the user will go to the “Add a tile” screen and hold the new tile up to the phone or tab. The app will automatically add the new device to the account. The app shows the user getting closer and further away from the Tile on the screen of the smartphone or tablet.

The devices can be pre-ordered for a limited period of time for $19.95 and right now the first Tiles will be delivered to buyers who ordered before April 2014.

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