HTC smartwatch may be real after all

Just a few days ago we reported that HTC had dropped its plans for a new smartwatch because of manufacturing issues and an over-saturated market. Things have changed since than, it seems. The HTC smartwatch might just become reality if we listen to recent rumors. The HTC smartwatch might be due 2015, alongside the Apple Watch, which would be a good strategy on the company’s part.

Initially, HTC said that the smartwatch business might not be the right outlet for the company because of the manufacturing costs of a smart timepiece and because the market is already saturated with hundreds of choices ranging from durable Pebble watches, Moto 360, Gear S, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch to the Apple Watch, Sony SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk. That’s a lot of competition to take on, but HTC seems to have become confident in their design capabilities.

The HTC smartwatch will be a wearable device that will be designed in accordance with HTC’s premium build quality track record and the company said that they will be focusing on delivering a unique HTC smartwatch to consumers. By unique, HTC refers to the fact that they will not only incorporate their signature design elements as seen on the One M8. The HTC smartwatch might follow in the footsteps of other HTC devices and wearable devices at the same time, by implementing its own UI on top of Android Wear, like they did with Sense UI, If HTC were to design their own wearable UI based on Android Wear and pull that off as a smart and simple user interface, the success they would have will surely be impressive.

Since current smartwatches either use Android Wear, Tizen for Samsung devices or unknown Apple software for the Apple Watch, HTC might be among the first ones to tweak Android in as much as to attract consumers. They would have to come up with something interesting in order to do that, though. Since the HTC smartwatch is scheduled for an early 2015 launch, the company still has some time left to work on UI if that’s what they’re planning on.

Otherwise, HTC will probably try to create a device that will be thinner than current smart timepieces on the market and will not only impress with design, but with specs and battery life as well. That would mean that the OEM should have to catch up to the Gear S by implementing 3G in the watch, choose a round design since that’s the one most smartwatch-enthusiasts seem to be keen on, use a battery that will enable their device to last more than two days, since most popular watches can’t beat a day on the job (except Pebble, of course, which can keep you posted for full week)  and design an attractive UI based on Android Wear.

HTC has sent out invites for an October 8 event themed “double exposure”, but sources say there’s no chance of seeing an HTC smartwatch at the show since development of the timepiece is still in its early phases. Keep in mind, that these are still just rumors, HTC spokespersons refusing to comment on the development of a smartwatch. Nonetheless, if a wearable does come our way from HTC, we expect it to be over the top.

Which theory do you believe: that HTC has dropped smartwatch manufacturing, or that they launch a timepiece in 2015?