Details on the new Resident Evil title coming soon according to leaker

Update: Capcom announced they are working on a remastered version of the original Resident Evil. The game will be released November 27th for last gen and early 2015 for current gen.

Original story:

Earlier this year we were lead to believe that a new Resident Evil game will be unveiled at E3 2014. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and it looks like the next installment in the series isn’t going to arrive any time soon. Or is it? Well, according to a well-known industry insider, some actual info on the game will be reveled soon. The insider goes by the name of Ahsan Rasheed on Twitter and has been providing solid information from within the industry for a while now. However, he lost a lot of credibility last month when Naughty Dog called him out for spreading false rumors. So we’re not sure how reliable this source is at the moment, but hopefully he’s at least right about this one.

Rasheed’s first tweet goes something like this “New Resident Evil. Information coming soon. The “rebirth”. X1, PS4, 360, PS3, PC.” He then follows up by saying that this new title will arrive next year and reiterates that information will be arriving soon. Given that Gamescom is just around the corner, we suspect he’s hinting that more details will be revealed during the event. The insider then went on to say that this will be a “REmake” and that “If you owned a GameCube in 2002, you will be pleased to hear this announcement.” Resident Evil Zero was released back in 2002 and was available on the GameCube so we assume that’s what he’s talking about. Previous rumors suggested that the next Resident Evil will be a spin-off, similar to RE: Revelations so this is the first time we’re hearing about a remake.

Aside from the GameCube, Resident Evil Zero also came out on the Wii but the new game might not make it on the Wii U apparently. “Sorry guys, no information on Wii U. PC I’m hearing is Digital Only. People are really excited about it. And when I said soon, I meant SOON.” The fact that he keeps repeating “soon” tells us that this Resident Evil remake might in fact be revealed ahead of Gamescom. The event kicks off Wednesday, August 13th which is not that far away but we don’t know Rasheed’s definition of soon so info could come before that.

In any case, we advise you to take this with a massive grain of salt for the time being as the insider hasn’t been all that accurate with his predictions as of late. Still, we thought this was worth mentioning given that many of us have been waiting for a new Resident Evil game for a while now. It doesn’t hurt to hope, right? We’ll let you know as soon as we learn something else so stay tuned.