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New Resident Evil title rumored for an E3 reveal

According to a recent post on the NeoGAF forums, the next Resident Evil game will be revealed at E3. The person who started the rumor goes by the name of News Bot and is allegedly a reliable source of information. Still, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt until we hear something from official sources. Resident Evil was already the subject of similar rumors in April as well. Back then, the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun said that Capcom will be announcing Resident Evil 7 for PS4 at this year’s expo.

While the NeoGAF post also speaks of an E3 reveal, the leaker doesn’t give us a name for the upcoming game. However, he does say that we should’t expect “7” to be part of its title. Instead of being a direct sequel to Resident Evil 6, it will most likely be a spin-off, similar to Resident Evil: Revelations. News Bot followed up by sharing some details regarding the new game in response to a skeptic user. “There are three returning characters. Two female and one male. Two haven’t been seen in over a decade and one has never had an “in-game” appearance. Guess away. That’s more than enough.”   

“Regarding the one who doesn’t appear in-game, I should be a little more specific(because I’m sure someone will call me a liar for being too general). They are mentioned in games but are a background character with no “active” appearance yet. It’s not someone from the movies/comics.” A previous rumor suggested that Alice from the Resident Evil movies will appear in the next title. According to the leaker this is not the case unfortunately, but we do hope he’s wrong on this one. A RE game with Alice as the main protagonist sounds like a great idea to be honest.

Since we’re talking rumors and speculations, another seemingly credible source shared something about this recently. The info comes from a French website(biohazardfrance.com) with a very solid reputation, and generally considered to be reliable. “It (the E3 reveal) is soon yes, but I never said it’ll be Resident Evil 7”, said one of the forum users. He also added that “One thing is for sure, fans will scrutinize their screens during coming days and weeks and this is where the REVELATION will unfold .” The bottom line is that both sources say we should expect the next Resident Evil to be featured at E3. Also, the game will not be a sequel, but most likely a spin-off like Revelations.

Fortunately, E3 2014 is closing in fast which means we don’t have to wait long until we find out if this is true or not. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we learn something new so stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • bobs

    It’s a bad idea to bring in Alice. The resident evil movies were just awful with her in them.

    • Steve Yates

      I agree I don’t want her in the Film’s as a main Protagonist and I hate Paul creating a character in the films, like that unless Alice in the next last film turns out to be a game character. Then I may not mind in the 7th game. Only also wont mind if she’s in the Mercanaries, that’s different. Or hope it’s a spin off to. After that I like a film reboot and game reboot maybe.

      • Caleb Freeman

        She was supposed to be ONLY in mercenaries mode, and I personally as Resident Evil fan don’t see as a problem.

        • Hector McPeek

          I as a Resident Evil fan since 96 does have a problem with it. So glad it was debunked.

    • Steve Yates

      Steve Yates bobs • 20 minutes ago

      I agree I don’t want her in the Game as a main Protagonist and I hate Paul creating a character in the films, like that unless Alice in the next last film turns out to be a game character. Then I may not mind in the 7th game. Only also wont mind if she’s in the Mercanaries, that’s different. Or hope it’s a spin off to. After that I like a film reboot and game reboot maybe.

      • sidekickprince

        I’d like to see a game Reboot, their was a rumor about them doing one before with all new characters. I’m wondering if the talk of a “spin off” is really code for “Reboot” but you never know @[email protected]_C8HhFHkfGR:disqus

  • mike

    i think Alex wesker is the one that has not had an in-game or movie appearance

    • Rudeski_KharmicHeel

      And who else? Is Rebecca Chambers the female?

      • Van_Wilder_0812

        She was playable in zero. Would love to see Barry again.

        • huzhouse

          I’d love to see Barry too, he’s always been my favorite character. Could be Carlos though too. Or one of the outbreak guys?

          • Cameron Rogers

            Well, with all of our “Awol” characters, their last appearances in MAIN games (Not counting remakes, ports, or the non canon chronicles or ORC games) who we have not seen in 10 years:

            Carlos: 1999 (Re3)
            Barry: 1999 (RE3)
            Claire: 2000 (CV)
            Rebecca: 2002 (Zero)
            Billy: 2002 (Zero)
            Any outbreak character: 2004

            Im just hoping that “Enhanced Veronica” doesn’t mean its simply yet another port of Code Veronica. I will be angry if its simply coming to PC in HD (RE4 recently came to PC in HD this year)

          • Hector McPeek

            I wouldn’t mind Code Veronica on PC.

          • Da Rush

            Just buy the PS2 version and play it on an emulator. Works perfectly and is in HD

      • huzhouse

        I was thinking Claire or Rebecca as one of the females for sure, most likely Claire. I don’t know who the other one would be. I really hope the male is Barry, though, he was always my favorite! The male could also be Carlos though.

  • mike

    oh and i agree with you the movies should focus on the game like the cgi ones

  • Le Bebe

    Just a slight error I noticed, the source claims two female and one male not two males and one female like you said.

    I’m thinking Claire (hasn’t had a truly active role in a main game since Code: Veronica) and the male is either Barry or Billy. The other female who hasn’t had an in game role but has been mentioned in previous games… I have no clue who that could be though.

    • Jason Moth

      Ah yes my bad, thank you for pointing that out. It’s fine now.

    • William

      I hope the male character is HUNK, honestly. RE 2, woot.

    • Cameron Rogers

      We have had a few main characters lose their importance in later games.



      Both Carlos and Barry last appeared in Resident Evil 3 (not counting Remake or later games because both characters were Cameo Guests or it was a remake). Both of these have not been seen in a main game for over 10 years.
      With Billy, same thing. Last main game he was in, was also with Rebecca, and it was Zero. Claire? Her last main game was Code Veronica in 2000. But to be fair, she DID appear in several other media after, but nothing as a main character (Degeneration in 2008, Darkside Chronicles in 2009 and Operation Raccoon City in 2012)

      My bet is on Claire and Barry teaming up, and this “Unseen” person is someone from the CG Movies. Possibly Angela, that woman Leon worked with in Degeneration? Remember she has never been “Seen” in the “Games”. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t seen in the movies.

      • Júlio Pozzi

        Claire should be on the next game, but Barry… He’s past beyond his prime, he’s not a good choice. Billy must’ve changed his name after Zero, and Carlos, well, he could have a chance. This other unseen character could be Alex.

      • Lili Rochefort

        It said not from the movies/comics. Angela isn’t going to show up

  • Chris ガズマン

    Characters from the game of the movie of a game.
    Bad idea.
    like in “street fighter the movie” the game.

  • jon

    How would including a terrible character from a terrible movie be a good idea? The series has already been ruined by qte’s, ridiculous amounts of none stop action, and Michelle bay amounts of explosions. How about we avoid adding anything from the movies. We don’t need to add a cheesy super ninja chick with psychic powers flinging ciggarets into gas stoves in slow motion, and spitting out cheesy one liners.

    • Steve Yates

      I agree, don’t you – maybe rumors

  • Cameron Rogers

    If you cannot see the attached image go here: https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t1.0-9/10383682_646086788801239_5858001621063867653_n.png

    This box art appeared on Reddit a bit ago.

  • You Shack

    Yes! Been waiting for a new Resident Evil 😀

  • Hector McPeek

    “A RE game with Alice as the main protagonist sounds like a great idea to be honest.”
    Are you an idiot? It’s a horrible idea. Glad it’s not happening. Tired of this series becoming laughing stock.

  • SunnySkyNL

    If they put Alice in the game I will stop playing Resident Evil. That would be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Just bring back Steve and I’ll be beyond happy.

  • sidekickprince

    I don’t want to see Alice in the game, that’s a terrible Idea. No one wants this Guy OC running around in the RE Universe. Personally I loved RE6 and I’m not going to say anything against a new spin off, I think even if they reboot the series it would be much better than adding that so called “mary stu” into the equation, its a bad move and you’d end up losing a lot of old fans, though I suppose they wouldn’t care if they gained any new ones huh? Regardless. I do hope they stray away from it, and merely build something new up we can all love.