The Infinity Blade trilogy ends with a free update – Kingdom Come

Four years ago, developer ChAIR Entertainment (a division of Epic Games Inc.) had released the first entry in the highly-popular action/adventure mobile title – Infinity Blade. The series has spawned two sequels since then, and today, the trilogy officially ends with a final update for Infinity Blade III entitled Kingdom Come. Infinity Blade III: Kingdom Come introduces gamers to new challenges, features, and story quests which further detail the game’s enigmatic world. As a “thank you” for everyone’s support over the years, ChAIR Entertainment has also announced that – for a limited time – Infinity Blade III can be purchased for a mere $2.99, which is more than 50% off the original price.

“Infinity Blade III is the culmination of everything we’d hoped to achieve with the series and realizes our vision for what a mobile game experience can be,” said Donald Mustard, creative director at ChAIR. “The Kingdom Come update adds amazing new Infinity Blade gaming moments wrapped up in an exciting, meaningful conclusion to the trilogy.”

Key features of Infinity Blade III: Kingdom Come include:

  • New enemies, including the legendary and fearsome Dragoor – King of Dragons
  • Six new treasure maps
  • Infinite play with ability to upgrade all items to lvl 100
  • Custom collectible statues designed and printed directly from within game
  • New multi-stage Aegis tournaments with exclusive rewards and rankings
  • More than 25 new items for Siris and Isa
  • New Collector weapons
  • New Holiday Helms
  • New Goals and Achievements

The Infinity Blade trilogy has managed to attract more than 50 million (!) players around the world, becoming one of the most popular mobile trilogies of all time. The sword-fighting games have also managed to spawn a best-selling book from award-winning author Brandon Sanderson, in addition to a line of custom collectibles that can be 3D printed from directly within the game. Customers can buy the Infinity Blade games exclusively on the App Store.