United Front announced their new game, Triad Wars

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front revealed their next game, Triad Wars, which is going to be an online open-world action strategy game, that will be released on PC. Triad Wars is set in Hong Kong, in the same universe as Sleeping Dogs, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Wei Chen’s story.

In Triad Wars, players assume control of triad gangster who is running a gang in Hong Kong. During the game, you have to fight your way to the top, taking out your rivals and building your own empire. The city is split in several turfs. You will have one turf and will have to defend it, while conquering other turfs from the other gangs in town. The developer states that Triad Wars is a non-linear experience, with the game changing and evolving as people play it. You have to go out and raid turfs that are defended by real people, so you need to use your skills to outsmart them in order to win. Besides fighting against other players, there are several activities that are available for you to perform on your turf: build rackets, counterfeit stuff or smuggle things. Since the game is online and all the enemies are real players, the experience is much different, since you need to plan your approach carefully and you need to have some skills in order to defeat the others.

Triad Wars uses the action mechanics from Sleeping Dogs. This includes shooting, driving and fighting. The difference between two games, as United Front state, is that Sleeping Dogs was focusing on a character who was actually a cop, while in this game, you start off as a criminal who wants to get to the top. Since Triad Wars is an online action game, it probably won’t have too much of a story. The developer states that, since this is a sandbox game, players can do what they want and create their own story.

Triad Wars is going to be released early next year, and, so far, it’s a PC-only title. If you think you are up to it, you can register on the game’s official website for a closed-beta that will take place soon.