64 bit Mozilla Firefox browser official

Mozilla has been thinking about developing a 64 bit Firefox browser for quite some time now, and with the imminent launch of Windows 10, the company seems to have decided to speed things up. Mozilla has announced that the 64 bit Firefox browser it has been developing will be ready by Spring 2015.

Firefox 37 is scheduled to launc on March 31, 2015 and it seems that it will sport the 64 bit configuration Mozilla was trying to integrate for so long. Even though Mozilla is a little late to the party, with Chrome and Internet Explorer having already launched 64 bit browser, the new Firefox browser will surely turn some heads when it arrives. Mozilla has been known to offer great services in Firefox and currently is the biggest competitor to Chrome.

Supposedly, Mozilla decided to announce and launch a 64 bit Firefox browser because the company thinks that with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft will be dropping x86 or 32 bit configurations altogether. In that case, Mozilla Firefox would be left standing alone in the face of competitors way ahead. Fact of the matter is that Microsoft is unlikely to drop 32 bit support, because it’s still not that outdated as everyone thinks and many people will continue manufacturing and buying 32 bit systems in the future, in my opinion.

In any case, Windows 10 is unlikely to drop 32 bit configurations in favor of a stand-alone 64 bit configuration because it would be a feat to do, since it would require a complete re-design of the OS architecture. Nonetheless, Mozilla will be ensuring their future if they release a 64 bit Firefox browser, since many computers that will be using Windows 10 will probably be 64 bit systems. It’s a win-win situation for most, since Firefox is the favorite browser of many and a good alternative to Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Mozilla could have made this announcement earlier, and released a 64 bit Firefox browser earlier, because the software has probably been nearly finished for the past few months. Since the Windows 10 announcement prompted the rush to release the 64 bit Firefox browser, we will see whether the browser will be truly optimized or will require daily updates. Mozilla aims to keep providing free services to people all over the internet, so Firefox 37 will most likely come as any other Firefox update or release – free.