Formal and Crimsix aquired by Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming recently acquired two very talented players for their Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare roster. It was being speculated yesterday that Matthew “Formal” Piper and Ian “Crimsix” Porter will be joining the team after fans discovered some hints pointing at the transfers on Optic’s website. The team initially didn’t say a word regarding the matter, but since the cat was already out of the bag Optic Gaming went on to confirm the big news. Although Formal’s transfer had already been completed, the team was still waiting to complete Crimsix’s acquisition from team Evil Geniuses.

Crimsix along with Aches and Dedo all announced last week that they will be leaving EG in search of new teams when Call of Duty Advanced Warfare launches, which it did a few days ago. However, they all remained with Evil Geniuses in order to participate in the Electronic Sports World Cup and even managed to win the tournament. While that was certainly a great victory for EG’s Call of Duty division, it also meant the end of an era for the team and it looks like its former members are already finding new homes. Crimsix definitely landed in a very promising one as Optic Gaming looks to be one of the most powerful Advanced Warfare teams following this recent acquisition.

With Crimsix and Formal joining the roster, Optic Gaming had to let a couple of players go to make room for them. The organization announced that the two players who won’t be part of the roster anymore are Jordan “Proofy” Cannon and James “Clayster” Eubanks. Both of them are quite talented in their own right so they shouldn’t have too much trouble getting recruited some place else. The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare scene is very fresh, which means that virtually every team out there is now looking for experienced players. As for Optic Gaming, their new roster looks like this: Seth “Scumpii” Abner, Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, Matthew “Formal” Piper, and Ian “Crimsix” Porter.